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T-Bar Model Cars

T-Bar Model Cars is a company specialising in collectable die cast model cars, model motor bikes, model planes, model trains, earthmoving and military models. We are one of Australia's major stockists of premier die cast model brands in all sizes including an extensive range of 1:64, 1:43 and 1:18 scale diecast models, from brands like Biante, Classic Carlectable, Diecast Model Cars, Autoart, Minichamps, Yat Ming, Maisto, Sun Star, Hotwheels, Corgi and many more - all available to buy online.

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Collecting Diecast Models

The world has always had a fascination with moving vehicles since the creation of the steam train, since then the history of trains, cars, trucks and planes has evolved in many directions. Each vehicle that has ever been made tells a story and adds to the automobile history. Collecting high quality diecast models is a way of holding onto and admiring this history through each vehicles unique characteristics. Aspects of a vehicle like when it was made, its distinctive design, the country of origin, its engineering feats and its overall critical acclaim are all part of what makes collecting diecast models so special. The effort and exacting detail that goes into replicating a true vehicle is impressive in itself, which forms an important part of collecting them in the first place. Furthermore, Sourcing model cars and adding them to your collection is also a satisfying aspect and just like each unique vehicle, each model shop is unique in what it has to offer.

Diecast Model Cars

Diecast model cars from the best model makers in the game including, Biante, Classic Carlectables, Kyosho, Autoart, Minichamps, Apex Replicas, Spark & Bizarre and many, many more. Check out our Aston Martin DB4 made all the more famous by appearing in James Bond movies, the best part, its only $44!

Diecast Model Trains

T-Bar Models stock a unique range of model trains including HO scale and N scale varieties. The British railway Peppercorn Clts A1 60163 Tornado is a classic collectors item. A beautiful remake of the original A1 steam engines previously built in 1948-49.

Diecast Military Models

T-Bar Models stock both Minichamps and Forces of Valor brand Model tanks and other military models. The U.S. M5A1 Stuart - Normandy 1944 model tank is our most popular military model, perhaps not the most effective tank during WWII due to its inferior armour and fire power. However, it did prove useful during the war in the pacific.

Diecast Motorcycle Models

T-Bar Models has motorbike models from brands like Minichamps, Autoart, Franklin Mint, IXO and ERTL. Arguably the most famous motorcycle and motorcycle model is the TR6 Triumph which was an extremely popular motorcycle during the 50's and 60's made even more popular by the movie 'the great escape' staring Steve McQueen.

Diecast Model Planes

T-Bar Models also stock a unique selection of model planes including this beauty, the Soviet Air Force TU4 Tupolev bomber was a reversed engineered copy of the American Boeing B-29 Superfortress. The Americans refused to give or lend the Soviets the B-29's and so the Soviets reverse engineered a crash landed one.

T-Bar Models has been operating in the collectable model business since 2002 and has built an impressive collection of model cars, model trains, model trucks, model planes and military models for sale.

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